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Southlands College has been fortunate enough to have great principals and teachers of a caliber that gave a lasting impression on the students of their time. Mrs. G. Danials, Mrs. N. Kumarasinghe and Mrs. L. Gunawardhana are still spoken about with much affection and admiration. As the present generation of the college, we are very fortunate to haveMrs. Sandhya Irani Pathiranawasam, the newly appointed principal as the pioneer to keep the Southlands flag flying.

Mrs. Sandhya Pathiranawasam was the deputy director of provincial department of education attached to National school affairs sector for years and was a close associate of this school as parent for last fifteen years for her daughter’s education. She knows very well what Southlands stands for and that made it easy for her to step in to the roll of the principal at present. Ensuring smooth transition and guiding she heads Southlands towards a path of successes and a new era.

She is appointed as the Principal of Southlands College on 06th April 2016 and from the day she started her role as the leader, heading a better path. Rather than staying at home she is known to spend most of her time, dawn to dusk, within the school premises, attending to some work dealing with school affairs.

Before she takes over duties at Southlands she joined the noble profession of teaching as a graduated teacher of Applied Mathematics in 1988.Prior to that, she worked as a shroff and that marks the beginning of her government service. Her first appointment of teaching to remote school in Anuradhapura, gave an ample experience in teaching and she worked at Nochchiyagama Vidyadarsha Maha Vidyalaya for four years. While teaching at St. Allovisious College, Galle she joined the Administrative Service in Education, being qualified at SLEAS in 1999. First Work station of her as the Assistant Director of education department was the Zonal Office, Ambalangoda. In only within a year she became the Assistant Director of education (School Affairs) at Southern Provincial Department of Education. In the years between2002-2015 she worked as the coordinator for National Schools handling all responsibilities on provincial term tests and school inspections.

Marking another achievement in career in 2009 she was appointed as a Deputy Director of Education (National Schools and School Affairs) in Southern Province. In 2015 Mrs. Sandhya Pathiranawasam was promoted to the post of Additional Director of Education (Development) at Southern Provincial Department of Education. Her professional development and progress was mauled by the experience and training obtained overseas. The two visits to Canada and New Zealand for Library Training in 2001 is notable. Moreover she accompanied some brilliant students recorded highest results at G.C.E.A/L exam, to Thailand. Leadership Training for Administrative officers in Singapore is another opportunity that made her experienced Administrator. Before she came to Southlands in 2016 she was fortunate to travel in Philippines and Thailand for career development training on sector development. The performances as the principal at Southlands speak on her experience, career records and the influence of these precious opportunities.

It is very clear that, within this short period of service at southlands, she cares of the welfare of the students in a big way. She is often seen in the school premises during and after school hours, directing various programs for the betterment of Southlands Community.

Despite her reputation as a strict disciplinarian, she is accessible to all Southlanders in their hour of need. She always worked her best to get to know the parents and well-wishers as much as possible. She established a close coordination with all other government institutions and relevant organization in Galle for much benefit for the progress of the College. 

Though she bears a short period of history, she devotes all her efforts to over shine the name of our alma mater in academic and extra curricular activities alike. The Principal took initiative to establish the first ever Girl Guide “Butterfly” pack in the province at Southlands kindergarten this year. The novel idea of setting up of the primary prefects’ board at the college in the year of 2016 will be an inspiration to young students to become future leaders.

Furthermore she involves in developing physical resources of the school and provided the new internal sound system and new sanitary facilities for hostellers. The newly build play area for the kids is remarkable and noteworthy. It is in the discourse among students with a word of much gratitude on her. She employs all her efforts to uplift our alma mater in all aspects and she is truly a heart of Gold.

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