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MISS LEILA SOLOMON (1956 - 1960)

When Miss Edith Ridge left in 1956, the administration was handed over to the then vice Principal Miss Leila Solomon, a qualified educationalist. Though it was not an easy task to succeed a Principal of the calibre of Miss Ridge, Miss Solomon was able to maintain the high standard of education in the school. She introduced changes to the school curriculum and a new method of administration. The Advanced Level Arts stream was introduced during Miss Solomon’s time. She encouraged all extra-curricular activities. The Guide Company and the Brownie Company were revived. In 1958, she succeeded in organizing a Parent-Teacher Association. This was of immense benefit to the school. She tried to educate the child through modern technology, audio and visual media was introduced into teaching during her time.

She also improved the quality of education by introducing general knowledge competitions, spelling competitions and many other competitive activities. Library reading was made compulsory to improve the reading habit. In 1960, she left school as she received an American ”Smithmand” scholarship to further her education in the U.S.A. She could be called the last ”missionary” Principal of Southlands who wished to develop the school in numerous ways.

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