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Mrs. Kumarasinghe joined the tutorial staff in 1978 as a Bachelor of Arts graduate and succeeded Mrs. Rajapaksa taking over the management of the school in 1995. She rendered her services for five years and helped to develop the school with much dedication in the traditional way. During her period, the school uniform was given a new look by depicting the school emblem on the school tie and also with a house badge to identify their houses.
The School’s physical resources were improved and developed, and the school was fortunate to have more buildings to ease out the problem of accommodation. In 1997, Mrs. Kumarasinghe was able to acquire an adjoining building ”Leco” with the permission obtained from the Higher Education Minister. Rooms for Fine Art and Home Economics were housed in it. Another three storied building was constructed and it was declared open in 1997, and the children who were occupying the ground floor of the old building were able to have comfortable accommodation at the new premises.

According to the school development plans, Mrs. Kumarasinghe had to face a major problem of removing the Shrine room to another location in view of constructing a modern Auditorium for the school in that premises. She obtained the permission from Mrs. Daniel to remove the shrine room to another location and new Shrine room was constructed on instruction given by the Architect Mr. Siri Gunasinghe and finances were found from parents.
During her era, children were able to display their creations in “Southlands Singithi Uyana”. The school environment was kept beautiful with the assistance given by the parents and the School Garden Society.
She encouraged children to improve their knowledge in English and Senior and Junior children were given an opportunity to conduct the assembly in English helping them to develop their skills and to improve the language too. The children sang the English school hymn ”Land of our Birth,” the poem written by Rudyard Kipling which was sung during the missionary period at the morning assembly. A song book titled ”Melodies of Southlands” was published which included many songs Southlanders used to sing in the past. Mrs. Kumarasinghe gave much attention to develop extra curricular activities. She encouraged Educational indoor games and children had the opportunity to learn Chess and Scrabble during her period.
She was able to publish a valuable historical school magazine‘s First decade of the Second century before her retirement.

Mrs. Kumarasinghe rendered her services during a long period as a devoted teacher and a Principal who was anxious to see the development of the school and she did her best to make Southlands a great school.

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