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College Motto

Even though Southland College has a history of 125 years, the history of Southlands College Motto and Crest is far too short. Though the use of the motto runs back to 1923, the school crest was first used in 1945 during The Diamond Jubilee celebrations. According to the available records the motto & the crest were used during the time of Miss G.W Edwards & Miss E.Ridge respectively.
On Friday, February 08th 1923 about thirty old Southlanders and staff foregathered at Miss Edward’s Bungalow for a real family party. Dinner was served in a transformed dining room, with a  large gathering. From one end to another stretched the table, pretty decorated with flowers and menu cards which had been specially designed and drawn by the girls and which bore the school motto, in Sinhalese and English.

College Crest

School crest was not available in The Diamond Jubilee Magazine published in 1945. But the crest was first seen in the cover page of subsequent 1945-1947 magazine. The school was vested in the Government in 1962 and during the period of 1962-1976  “S” letter in the crest was replaced by Sinhala “Sa”. The crest was printed in red before 1976 but after 1977 both Red & Silver colours have been used.

The crest with the motto was first seen in 1956 Southlands Magazine. Motto  was used in the crest  both in Sinhala  and in English during the period of missionary principals but after 1977 the motto in Sinhala has been removed.


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